WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Meet theKwit Stick

The features you've been wanting
at a price point you can't deny

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Kwit Salt Nic

Premium Flavors Crafted to Satisfy
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The Kwit Stick is Here

The features you've been wanting, at a price point you can't deny

Meet The Kwit Stick

Convenience On-the-Go

No tanks, no buttons, no hassle. Just simple vaping. Anytime. Anywhere.

Engineered for Performance

Fully charged in just 20 minutes, and delivers 100 puffs on each full charge.

Simply Satisfying Experience

The KWIT delivers a premium experience unmatched by any other device on the market.

Meet the Kwit Stick

Satisfaction. Affordability. Convenience.

How Pods Should Be

Don't Break the Bank

Every Kwit Pod comes pre-filled and is re-fillable up to 2 times, saving your time, and money.

Mouth-Watering Flavors

Our flavors are crafted by master mixologists to provide the perfect flavor, every time.

Altitude/Pressure Resistant

Kwit Pods are designed to never leak, even at high altitudes.

Our Refillable Pods Save Customers
Over $850 Every Year

Kwit Pods

Pre-Filled & Refillable Up to 4x

Re-Fill with Your Favorite Flavor

Mango Tango

Imagine your plane just crashed over the Amazon and you somehow survived. When you gain consciousness, you start hearing a faint whisper in the background.

“Come on...” “Come on shake your body...”

As you inch your way closer to the sound; out of the rainforest pops out a dripping wet from the sweat, circa 1990 toned and tight Gloria Estefan...

“Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga I know you can't control yourself any longer...”

Mango Tango... It’s like that...

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Mountain Mint

You always dreamed of adventure but that isn't how the cards played out. Somewhere along the way, you let the dream die. You are now a rep for TeleCorp specializing in selling TV products. Lightly stated your life sucks and whats more your NW office is on the brink of collapsing.

You get on a small plane, hit turbulence and are ordered to put on your chute. Somewhere in the snow-covered evergreens, you manage to land in a tree. The crash sucked but as you take a breath, a crisp evergreen aroma enters your nose.

Mountain Mint... It’s like that...

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Sweet Tobacco

You know that feeling you get after a long day of traveling. You know what I mean. You've been in airports all day, one layover to the next, delays and cancellations have made you almost lose your s*#$. You finally land and it seems like the people in front of you will never get off the plane. You manage to get off the plane and make your way past the escalators and people lining up for baggage claim.

You step outside, pull out your pack, and spark your cigarette of choice. That first sweet hit and all your problems melt away...

Sweet Tobacco... It’s like that...

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Wild Watermelon

You've always been a "country kid" at heart. Deep down inside your soul, you have flashbacks of a past life where the living was easy. You woke up, fed the animals and tended to the fields. The summers were always hot, and although it was an honest days work, you still felt like you had "the good life."

When the day was done and your shirt was drenched, you always made time to take a break and reflect. You break open a freshly picked watermelon and salivate to the sweet satisfying explosion in your mouth.

Wild Watermelon... It’s like that...!

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Kwit Salt Nic

Stop burning through pods and money. Easily re-fill your Kwit Pods up to 4 times each with our premium salt nicotine e-liquids.