WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

About Us

The Kwit Brand® was conceived as the brainchild of two guys with a dream and a passion for helping people break the chains of the smoking habit. After looking at the market of cig-a-like devices and seeing that nothing on the market packed BOTH the flavor and the draw required to get its founders to transition; the Kwit Brand® was born. With months of research, design and taste testing, the Kwit Stick® and the first four flavors of Kwit Salt Nicotine® were completed, and the rest is history.

The Kwit Stick® is a sleek and easy to use device that was developed by a collaboration between the two founders and one of the World’s leading vape technology companies; Aspire® This collaboration was developed due to Aspire® being a leader and pioneer in both innovation and design. We couldn’t have found a better company to back and manufacture our device and are extremely proud of our partnership.

Kwit Salt Nicotine® was formulated, blended, and manufactured right here in sunny California. With the recent surge in “rushed” salt nicotine juice lines, we knew we had to take it upon ourselves to create a line that was different. Our focus was simple flavor profiles that packed as much punch as possible, while still giving the user the nicotine fix needed to transition. (Available in two strengths)

As a company and as a brand, our mission is that people will use our device and juice lines as an alternative to smoking while also providing a  delivery system that is both sleek and discreet. If one customer is able to transition through the use our products; we have succeeded. If that gets passed on to a friend, family member, or even a stranger, we as a one WORLD NATION can all achieve our goal of finding an alternative to smoking.

We hope that you enjoy our Kwit Stick® and Kwit Salt Nicotine® juice line and would love to hear about your journey to KWIT! Please submit any videos or email testimonials to Testimonial@KwitStick.com.